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OnlineBKmanager.com Receives DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Award

www.OnlineBKmanager.com presented with 'Top Rated' award for Dealer Satisfaction in New Car Leads Category

New Orleans, LA – January 27, 2017 – ww.OnlineBKmanager.com is the recipient of a "Top Rated" New Car Leads award in the eighth annual DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards. The awards, presented at a special event on January 27th in conjunction with the 2017 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo, are based on DrivingSales Vendor Ratings, which comprise 35,000 validated user reviews.

"We are honored to be recognition by our dealer clients and DrivingSales with this prestigious award," said Robert Davies, OnlineBKmanager.com President. "Our objective at OnlineBKmanager.com has always been to earn the trust of automotive dealers by providing superior results with an industry leading product while supplying unrivaled customer support."

OnlineBKmanager.com is the nationwide industries leader in Automotive Bankruptcy leads. With direct access to the hottest BK leads available, OnlineBKmanager.com dealers have the ability to market to people who filed and/or discharged their BK within the past 24 hours. Yesterday's BKs Today!

"We congratulate OnlineBKmanager.com on earning a "Top Rated" New Car Leads Award for consistently contributing value to its dealership customers throughout 2016," said DrivingSales CEO and Founder, Jared Hamilton. "DrivingSales Vendor Ratings help dealers make important, informed vendor decisions by providing peer reviews on solutions, leading them to outstanding service providers such as OnlineBKmanager.com."

The DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards are based on cumulative ratings tallied and verified over the calendar year (January – December) at DrivingSales.com  Vendor Ratings. DrivingSales.com Vendor Ratings is the industry's only neutral, comprehensive vendor rating forum featuring real-time peer reviews and honest competitor comparisons. The site provides dealerships with important information from actual customers who have hands-on experience using vendor products/solutions in their stores. Each rating is verified as coming from an actual dealership employee.

Full award results are available online at  http://dealersatisfactionawards.com/. Award winners are showcased in the Q1 2017 issue of DrivingSales Buyers Guide which, in addition to being distributed at the 2017 NADA Convention and Expo, is delivered to every new car dealership nationwide, as well as to more than 2,000 of the top used car dealers in the U.S. The DrivingSales Buyers Guide represents over 1,000 automotive solutions and over 35,000 dealer reviews of those products from DrivingSales Vendor Ratings, identifying the solutions that have risen to the top.

To increase your market share in the Bankruptcy Arena visit http://www.onlinebkmanager.com/ or contact Bryan Allen, OnlineBKmanager.com Vice President of Marketing. 888-739-1468 (ballen@onlinebkmanager.com)

To learn more about the DrivingSales community, news, dealer education or performance analytics visit DrivingSales.com.

www.OnlineBKmanager.com Announces Significant Improvements to its Web-Based BK Lead Software

Phoenix, AZ - February 1, 2015 – www.OnlineBKmanager.com, the leader in Automotive Bankruptcy Marketing, announces the release of significant improvements to its web-based marketing software. After 18 months of development and programming, OnlineBKmanager.com now has the ability to deliver BK Leads to Franchised Dealers on a daily basis. Upgrades also include improvements to the company's exclusive multi-step lead cleansing process. "We are proud to announce the release of our Daily BK Lead Program appropriately named 'Yesterday's BKs Today' ", said Robert Davies (OnlineBKmanager.com President). "If an individual filed or discharged a BK yesterday, our dealers can be marketing to them today. This new technology is a game changer for Auto Dealers that play in the competitive BK market", said Davies.

"Old and inaccurate leads can kill even the best thought out BK marketing campaign", added Davies. "The number one priority at OnlineBKmanager.com is to provide the freshest and cleanest BK Leads in the industry. The success of our dealers depends on it. Our exclusive multi-step cleansing process is now faster and more robust than ever before. No other BK Lead provider can compete with the speed and accuracy we provide", concluded Davies.

Early testing has shown an increase in response rates and overall higher gross profits. "My dealership is in a very competitive market," added Ron (Sales Manager with a Big 3 Franchise Dealer in Texas). "Since we started receiving Daily BK Leads, we are getting higher response from our BK mailers and we have higher gross profits as a result. The BK leads we get today are the people that filed or discharged yesterday," explained Ron. "Being the first offer they receive from a dealer in the mailbox makes all the difference."

Lending experts believe these advancements will influence the Automotive Sub-Prime Market. "We have worked closely with OnlineBKmanager.com for the past few years and our dealer partners definitely experience success with their service," said John Harton (Sr. VP with Consumer Portfolio Services - NASDAQ: CPSS). "With the capability of marketing to BK leads less than 24 hours after filing or discharging, our Dealer Partners will undoubtedly increase their market share into what we call the "Sweet Spot" of the sub-prime auto finance arena. Competition is increasing", explained Harton. "We anticipate these improvements will give CPS and our Dealer Partners a leg up on capturing more of these deals."

Contact OnlineBKmanager.com Customer Service at 888-739-1468 to upgrade an existing account or learn more about these improvements.

www.OnlineBKmanager.com Partners with Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. to the Bankruptcy Market to Automobile Dealers in the US

Chandler, AZ / Irvine, CA – April 15, 2013 – www.OnlineBKmanager.com and Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. (Nasdaq: CPSS) are pleased to announce their combined efforts in expanding the Bankruptcy Market to Automobile Dealers throughout the United States. This collaboration is designed to provide dealers with the cleanest and freshest BK leads available while strengthening their relationship with Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS). Dealers also receive substantial package discounts on www.OnlineBKmanager.com services with this program.

For nearly 18 years, www.OnlineBKmanager.com has been the leader in Bankruptcy Marketing and developed the first BK selling tool designed specifically for the sub-prime automotive dealer. Their Lender Partner Program is intended to pair dealers with lenders that focus on Bankruptcy Consumers; thus increasing dealer gross profit. Today, the www.OnlineBKmanager.com flagship product is supported by the industry's only MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Since 1991 CPS has been a constant and profitable sub-prime solution for franchise and independent dealers. Their seven proven programs offer a generous advance and cover a wide spectrum of credit including thin files, low FICO's, recent Chapter 7 bankruptcies, recent repos and other weak credit attributes. CPS has purchased over $9.7 billion in contracts and manages a total portfolio of approximately $900 million. They maintain dealer relationships in 45 states with 575 employees across the United States. CPS is based in Irvine, CA and currently service dealers in 46 states with plans to expand into NY, VT and RI soon. CPS does not service dealers in MT.

"CPS has very ambitious growth goals for 2013-2014," explained John Harton (Consumer Portfolio Services' VP of Marketing). "Pairing up with the successful BK lead provider, www.OnlineBKmanager.com, will help our dealers maximize their advertising dollars in a way that results in a target-rich environment for CPS.

It has always been our objective to help our dealer partners increase their sales. We feel this collaboration is a natural fit. CPS is very excited to be offering what we call the "BK Combo" (CPS + www.OnlineBKmanager.com) and look forward to the added value that this combination will bring to our dealers," concluded Mr. Harton.

Tim Tucker with a Ford Dealer in Cincinnati, OH manages a successful sub- prime department with this program. "Our department receives additional sales and gross profit with the BK Combo program", explained Mr. Tucker. "We capture the sales through our www.OnlineBKmanager.com system, and then quickly fund the deals with CPS. The BK buyer gets a quality vehicle and works with a lender that reports to the major credit bureaus. It's a win-win," concluded Mr. Tucker.

www.OnlineBKmanager.com President, Robert Davies, sees this partnership as an opportunity to assist dealers on a national level and meet growth objectives for 2013. "We currently provide our BK marketing program to dealers in all 50 states. This new relationship with CPS will allow us to add national coverage to our Lender Partner Program and help reach our growth expectations for this fiscal year," said Davies. "The Auto Dealer works directly with CPS and www.OnlineBKmanager.com reps to customize a program to fit their needs in order to maximize dealer gross profit," concluded Davies.

The CPS + www.OnlineBKmanager.com "BK Combo" program is available now to qualified dealers. Please contact your CPS Representative at 800-304-6812 or Christine Follett, Vice President with www.OnlineBKmanager.com at 888-739- 1468 for more details.

www.OnlineBKmanager.com Teams Up with AFS Acceptance to Expand its Lender Partner Program into New Markets

Chandler, AZ — January 20, 2012 — www.OnlineBKmanager.com is pleased to announce a partnership with AFS Acceptance intended to expand its Lender Partner Program.  This program is designed to provide automobile dealers with Bankruptcy Leads and a relationship with a BK focused finance company.  As part of this ongoing initiative, AFS Acceptance active dealers receive a package discount on www.OnlineBKmanger.com services.
For over 16 years, www.OnlineBKmanager.com has been the leader in Bankruptcy Marketing and developed the first BK selling tool designed specifically for the sub-prime automotive dealer.  Today their flagship product is supported by the industry’s only MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

AFS Acceptance is an established, full-service auto finance company serving franchise and independent car dealers’ subprime financing needs since 1996. The company’s tiered program, specializing in open BK’s, equity deals and everything in between, gives dealer partners a complete set of pricing options.  With dedicated account managers providing responsive guidance and support, AFS helps its Dealer Partners fund contracts quickly and sell more automobiles. 

www.OnlineBKmanager.com President, Robert Davies, sees this collaboration as an opportunity to expand a successful program into new markets.  “We have great relationships with lenders throughout the country.  I am thrilled about this addition to our Lender Partner Program.  AFS Acceptance offers excellent finance options in markets previously untapped by our program,” said Davies.  “AFS Acceptance shares our enthusiasm for serving dealers in the BK market with exceptional service,” concluded Davies.
“We have recently revamped our program to give our dealers another option for their Bankruptcy customers and we will work hard to give them a way to go.”  With a strong emphasis on customer service and a new program, I am confident we can gain market share and help our dealers improve their bottom line.  We are truly excited about 2012,” says Executive Vice President, Scot Seagrave.  

Based in Fort Lauderdale, AFS acceptance services the following states: AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IL, LA, MD, MI, MN, MS, NJ, NM, NC, OH, PA, SC, TN, UT, VA and WA. 

The “OnlineBKmanager.com/AFS Acceptance” BK marketing program is available now to qualified dealers.  Please call Christine Follett with www.OnlineBKmanager.com at 888-739-1468 or AFS Acceptance (www.afsacceptance.com) at 877-223-3254 for more details.

Prestige Financial Services and www.OnlineBKmanager.com Partner-Up to Assist Sub-Prime Focused Dealers

Salt Lake City, UT —February 1, 2011—Prestige Financial Services and www.OnlineBKmanager.com announce a partnership intended to increase automobile dealer’s ability to efficiently deliver vehicles and supply financing for bankruptcy customers.  Through this alliance, Prestige Financial Services’ Dealers Partners can receive a unique package discount on www.OnlineBKmanger.com services.
For nearly 15 years, www.OnlineBKmanager.com has been the leader in Bankruptcy Marketing and developed the first BK selling tool designed specifically for the sub-prime automotive dealer.  Today their flagship product is supported by the industry’s only MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
Prestige Financial Services, Inc. is a premier provider of consumer financing solutions for franchised automobile dealerships. An affiliate of The Larry H. Miller Group of Companies and headquartered in the Rocky Mountains of Utah, Prestige employs best-in-class professionals to service a wide range of borrower types, and is recognized throughout the industry for its innovative lending programs. Since 1994, Prestige Financial Services has been helping dealerships around the country to rewrite the definition of “success" in special finance, by offering:

  • Discharged, Open 7, Open 13 and double bankruptcy funding
  • Competitive near-prime through deep sub-prime financing
  • No minimum score and no minimum down requirements
  • Generous advances and low fees
  • Live buyers for make-sense approvals
  • Automatic rate drops for good customers

www.OnlineBKmanager.com President, Robert Davies sees this joint venture as a winning situation for all parties.  “Ultimately, through this partnership, the bankruptcy customer is the winner by having the opportunity to work with a quality dealership and first-class lender that reports to all credit bureaus,” said Davies.  “We work hard to offer our industry leading programs and Prestige Financial shares our passion for serving the BK market,” concluded Davies.
Prestige is currently funding loans through franchised dealerships in WA, OR, ID, WY, UT, CO, AZ, NM, TX, MO, IL, KY, GA, VA, MD, and HI and will soon be pursuing new dealer partners in NH, NY, NJ, AL, KS, WI, and MT.

"We're always open to opportunities that will help our dealers to better serve these deserving customers," notes Prestige Chief Operating Officer Bryant Henrie. "This initiative with www.OnlineBKmanager.com aligns with our objectives and we're looking forward to much shared success."

The “Prestige/OnlineBKmanager.com” BK marketing program is available now to qualified dealers.  Please call Lori Morrill with Prestige Financial Services at 801-844-2402 or Christine Follett with www.OnlineBKmanager.com at 888-739-1468 for details.

Friendly Finance Corporation and OnlineBKmanager.com Team Up to Launch Joint Marketing Efforts

Baltimore MD, September 17, 2010—Friendly Finance Corporation and www.OnlineBKmanager.com announce a partnership bringing Sub-Prime Lending and Marketing together like never before. The first program developed through this partnership is a NO CHARGE Marketing Campaign for dealers that register with Friendly Finance Corporation to provide lending for their bankruptcy customers.

For over 14 years, www.OnlineBKmanager.com has been the leader in Bankruptcy Marketing with the first advertising tool designed specifically for the sub-prime automotive dealer.  Today their flagship product is supported by the industry’s only MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

For over 60 years, Friendly Finance Corporation has been a leader in the subprime auto finance arena, serving the marginal credit needs of both franchise and independent automobile dealers. They are currently purchasing retail installment sales contracts from dealers in Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Friendly Finance Corporation President, Steve Pittler and www.OnlineBKmanager.com President, Robert Davies unveiled the collaboration this week after discussion confirmed the obvious opportunity and benefit a program like this would provide a sub-prime dealer.  “This Marketing Campaign is a partnership between two staple brands within automotive sub-prime,” said Davies.  “We share a passion for creating meaningful consumer product experiences through design and innovation.  With this joint marketing program, the dealer will have a lender dedicated to working with the individuals responding.”

Friendly Finance Corporation differs from most other subprime lenders in that they focus on OPEN BANKRUPTCY customers. They specialize in customers BEFORE they have been discharged from a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. They even consider customers who have filed bankruptcy multiple times. “Our expertise and knowledge in this area is unsurpassed and proven over the past several decades in this business. We give our dealers the ability to get their customers on the road before their competitors even get the opportunity to seek financing,” said Pittler.

“This new partnership with www.OnlineBKmanager.com will allow our dealers to further target the BK segment that separates us from other lenders,” explained Pittler.  “With our dealers actively pursuing these buyers, we anticipate their look-to-book and profits to exceed industry standards.”
The NO COST program is available now to qualified franchise and independent dealers.  Please call Kathy Denisuk with Friendly Finance Corporation at 800-872-2877 Ext. 236 or Christine Follett with www.OnlineBKmanager.com at 888-739-1468 for details. 

Bankruptcy Status Report

January 6, 2009, Phoenix, AZ – According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, personal bankruptcies increased in quantity throughout 2008. “Consumers are under great financial stress, with no immediate end in sight,” said ABI executive director Samuel Gerdano. “We expect the upward spike in personal bankruptcies to continue in 2009.”

The Administrative Office of the United States Courts confirmed the number of bankruptcies rose by 32% to 1.06 million in 2008. In 2007, 801,840 American consumers filed for bankruptcy.

“We have been monitoring the steady growth of personal BK cases,” said Robert Davies, President of www.OnlineBKmanager.com. “The good news is our dealer clients are working with lenders like Tidewater, CapOne, AmeriCredit, Wachovia and many others to offer quality sub-prime loans to these individuals.”

In today’s volatile economy, sub-prime lenders see the advantage in lending to those consumers who have a fresh bankruptcy and can not file again for many years. “We have been booking fresh BK deals since the year 2000, and historically they are by far our best-performing loans,” explained Dedra Muffley of Tidewater Motor Credit. “We are looking to do away with the non-bankruptcy paper or customers who look like they are on their way down. We want the customers that have their problems behind them.”

“Currently, chapter 7 bankruptcies represent over 75% of all cases being filed with the courts,” said Davies. “This fact contradicts previous thoughts that the 2005 law change would force more people into filing a chapter 13 over a chapter 7.”

As of January 6, 2009, there are nearly 1 million open bankruptcies being processed for discharge by the United States bankruptcy courts. “In 2009 bankruptcy marketing will continue to prove its value to automotive retailers throughout the United States,” concluded Davies.

Bankruptcies Awaiting Discharge by State

Alabama 39,430
Arkansas 16,981
Arizona 12,310
California 77,530